Clinically proven neutralization of CORONAVIRUS !


Antivirus mask Fine Guard Kids - Navy Blue

€ 15.00

Shipping: 2-5 days

Fine Guard Kids: kill viruses. Reusable. Super protection.

Pleasant to the touch, breathable, comfortable in everyday use, safe even for allergy sufferers.Washable in cold water.

LIVINGUARD protective technology is certified by many renowned laboratories in Europe and the United States. Scientists have ruled that this technology is safe for humans and effective.

FINE GUARD masks are the only ones in the world that meet the stringent requirements set by doctors from the Medical Wellness Association, a leading organization of medical specialists, in the field of infection prevention.

The Fine Guard Kids mask guarantees:

  • The highest safety standard thanks to clinically proven neutralization of negative pathogens in independent laboratories worldwide
  • Unique, Swiss Livinguard technology, thanks to which the material works on the principle of "self-disinfection" and neutralizes pathogens upon contact
  • Reusable – up to 1 year or up to 30 washes
  • Comfort and safety for your skin in accordance with the STANDARD 100 certificate by OEKO-TEX

Cost-effective – 0,08 EURO per day

Logisitcally effective – 1 purchase keeps you safe for many months

Eco-friendly – 1 Fine Guard mask = 210 conventional, disposable masks


Livinguard technology is a real breakthrough! It is protected by over twelve patents. Livinguard uses a new approach to neutralize bacteria and viruses on a molecular level. This technology involves depositing a polycationic surface charge on the surface of a fabric. This positive charge causes the cell walls of the microorganisms to rupture, leading to the inactivation of the microorganisms. This is a global breakthrough in the field of pathogen elimination due to the effectiveness of this method and the absence of its negative side effects for the user and the environment. The use of Livinguard technology allows for the creation of a fabric capable of "self-disinfection".

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