Clinically proven neutralization of CORONAVIRUS !


Antivirus mask Fine Guard Comfort - L

€ 25.00

Shipping: 2-5 days

The Fine Guard Comfort Mask guarantees:

  • The highest safety standard thanks to clinically proven neutralization of negative pathogens in independent laboratories worldwide
  • Unique, Swiss Livinguard technology, thanks to which the material works on the principle of "self-disinfection" and neutralizes pathogens upon contact
  • Reusable – up to 1 year or up to 30 washes
  • Comfort and safety for your skin in accordance with the STANDARD 100 certificate by OEKO-TEX

Cost effective – 0,15 euro per day

Logisitcally effective – 1 purchase keeps you safe for many months

Eco-friendly – 1 Fine Guard Comfort mask = 210 conventional, disposable masks


Livinguard technology is a real breakthrough! It is protected by over twelve patents. Livinguard uses a new approach to neutralize bacteria and viruses on a molecular level. This technology involves depositing a polycationic surface charge on the surface of a fabric. This positive charge causes the cell walls of the microorganisms to rupture, leading to the inactivation of the microorganisms. This is a global breakthrough in the field of pathogen elimination due to the effectiveness of this method and the absence of its negative side effects for the user and the environment. The use of Livinguard technology allows for the creation of a fabric capable of "self-disinfection".


According to the manufacturer's guidelines, the Fine Guard Comfort mask can be used effectively: at work, at the gym, during physical activity, during shopping, indoors, during travel, in public transport.

Fine Guard Comfort is a lighter form of Fine Guard mask (with an N95 filter). This mask does not use a filter, so that you can breathe more easily and use it for hours effortlessly.


The mask is available in two sizes: M and L. The M sized mask is recommended for children, teenagers, women and people with small faces. The L sized mask is designed for women and men.

What if the Fine Guard mask is a little too big for your face and ears? Do not worry! There is a simple solution. Just adjust the elastics with clamps on each side. You can adjust the position of the clamps so that the mask fits perfectly! Just make sure you set the clamps in the same place on both sides for a comfortable fit.


Cleaning your mask is easy! Just wash it by hand, gently in COLD WATER. You may use soap, but you should avoid using strong cleaning agents such as bleach, which make the Livinguard technology (which the mask is treated with) ineffective. After washing, leave the Fine Guard mask to air dry or in an airy place. It is difficult to determine exactly how often the mask should be washed, as this depends on many variables, including time of use, rate of perspiration, and air pollution. Generally, the mask should be washed at least once a week, assuming that it is used regularly. Livinguard technology protects the mask for up to 30 washes. After 30 washes, the Livinguard technology starts to lose its effectiveness. The manufacturer has tested the effectiveness of a mask for up to 50 washes and found that the disinfection power is still quite strong, but to be careful, "30 washes" is the recommended cut-off.

Technical specifications of the Fine Guard Comfort Mask:

  • Description: Protective face mask
  • Fastener: 5-6 mm 75% - 80% Nylon/polyester, 20% - 25% elastane
  • Nose clip: 65 mm x 6 mm double-core plastic nose wire
  • Number of layers: 2
  • Materials and technologies supplied by LVG:
    • 1st layer: 100% cotton, 100-120 g/m² treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology
    • 2nd layer: 100% cotton, 100-180 g/m²treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology
  • Country of origin: Switzerland, India, Middle East
  • Product category: Personal protective equipment
  • Product name: Fine Guard Comfort Protective Mask, using Livinguard technology
  • Color: Navy blue/black
  • Standard dimensions: 5 ½" - 6¾” (14 cm - 17 cm) x 3¾" - – 4 ¾” (9,5 cm - 12 cm)
  • Packaging: Carton
  • Time of use from the moment of opening: 1 year (for Livinguard protection technology)
  • Sizes: M; L
  • Product weight: 16.3 g (size M) or 17.9 g (size L)
  • Shelf life: 18 months

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