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Frequently Asked Questions

LSP, 24/09/2020
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Fine Guard face mask?

Our Fine Guard protective mask is incredibly easy to use! Place the mask on your face with the Livinguard logo facing the outside. The nose clip must be placed on top and it should be comfortably adjusted to your nose by pressing down on it. This allows you to create a tight seal and ensures your safety. The elastic bands should then be placed around your ears to keep the mask in place. That’s all there is to it!

Everyone’s face is different, so you may find the Fine Guard mask is a bit loose for your face and ears. Don’t worry! If you find this to be the case, you may adjust your mask by using the clamps on the elastic bands on both sides of the mask. Make sure the clamps are symmetrically adjusted on both sides for a comfortable fit.

How do I clean my mask?

Cleaning the mask is just as easy! Wash it gently by hand using cold water. Soap may be used, however strong cleaning agents (bleach, ammonia, etc.) should be avoided. These strong cleaning agents may render the Livinguard technology, which ensures the mask’s effectiveness, ineffective. Once you have washed the mask, allow it to air dry.

It is difficult to determine exactly how often the mask should be washed, as this depends on many variables, including time of use, rate of perspiration, and air pollution. Generally, the mask should be washed at least once a week, assuming that it is used regularly.

What is the cost-effectiveness of a Fine Guard mask?

We believe the best way to evaluate the true cost of a mask is to analyze its cost of use. The face masks typically purchased by most users are of low value to these users. However, in order for these masks to keep you safe and healthy, they should be changed daily and the used mask should be disposed of. So even though you may only pay 5 PLN/mask, but this cost adds up with daily use. The negative impact on the environment that the use of single-use masks should also be mentioned. We are now throwing millions of single-use masks away into landfills.

Fine Guard, on the other hand, is a reusable mask, which can be used for several years. Thanks to this, using a Fine Guard mask only amounts to a daily cost of 0,60 PLN/day. 0,60 PLN/day! That’s well worth it considering the peace of mind you receive in return. Mother Nature loves Fine Guard.

What happens after 30 washes?

After 30 washes, Livinguard technology starts to lose its effectiveness. After 30 washes, Livinguard technology starts to lose its effectiveness. The manufacturer has tested the effectiveness of the mask for up to 50 washes and found that the disinfection power is still quite strong, but in order to be cautious, we suggest a "30 wash" limit. Keep in mind that after 50 washes, Fine Guard remains a very effective, normal N95 mask! It can be used for years to come to ensure an N95 level of filtration.

Technical specifications of the Fine Guard mask:

Product code: N-95
Description: Anti-viral face mask
Colour: Navy blue/black
Standard dimensions: M / L
Fastener: 6 mm, 75% Nylon/polyester, 20% spandex elastic
Nose clip: 65 mm x 6 mm double core plastic nose wire
Number of layers: 4
Binding: 20 mm cotton tape
Materials and technologies supplied by Livinguard:

1st layer: 100% cotton, 100-120 g/m² treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology
2nd layer: nonwoven polypropylene, 20 g/m², thickness 0.2 mm, Eff 0.4 mm > 70%, pressure drop > 40 Pa
3rd layer: nonwoven polypropylene, 20 g/m², thickness 0.2 mm, Eff 0.4 mm > 70%, pressure drop > 40 Pa
4th layer: 100% cotton, 100-180 g/m²treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology

Technical specifications of the Fine Guard Comfort Mask:

Description: Protective face mask
Fastener: 5-6 mm 75% - 80% Nylon/polyester, 20% - 25% elastane
Nose clip: 65 mm x 6 mm double-core plastic nose wire
Number of layers: 2
Materials and technologies supplied by LVG:
1st layer: 100% cotton, 100-120 g/m² treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology
2nd layer: 100% cotton, 100-180 g/m²treated with Livinguard antimicrobial technology

Country of origin: Switzerland, India, Middle East
Product category: Personal protective equipment
Product name: Fine Guard Comfort Protective Mask, using Livinguard technology
Color: Navy blue/black
Standard dimensions: 5 ½" - 6¾” (14 cm - 17 cm) x 3¾" - – 4 ¾” (9,5 cm - 12 cm)
Packaging: Carton
Time of use from the moment of opening: 1 year (for Livinguard protection technology)
Sizes: M; L
Product weight: 16.3 g (size M) or 17.9 g (size L)
Shelf life: 18 months

How can I determine which size will be best for me?

Fine Guard is available in 2 sizes L & M. Size L (Large) is designed for adults and men, while size M (Medium) was designed with women, teenagers, and children in mind. Keep in mind that the Fine Guard mask has adjustable elastic bands allowing you to adjust the size of your mask.

Can Fine Guard be worn with glasses?

Of course! The mask is located just below the top of the nasal bone allowing it to be worn comfortably with glasses.

Does the valve in the Fine Guard need to be cleaned and can I replace it?

The valve will need to be cleaned only during the manual cleaning process of the entire mask and there is no need for additional cleaning. The valve is not replacable and the mask will need to be replaced in case of damage or excessive wear.

What is N95 class protection?

The N95 classification describes respiratory protective devices, which, thanks to their precise fit to the face, are able to efficiently filter a very large majority (at least 95%) of airborne particle.

I have noticed that my valve seems to be shifted slightly. What should I do?

The simple one-way valve used in the Fine Guard opens and closes in rhythm with normal respiration. In most cases, a slight shift in its positions shouldn’t be a cause for concern, because upon, inhalation, the seal should return to its original place, meaning the valve is still functioning properly. The appearance of the mask when not in use usually does not affect its performance.

However, as the diaphragm of the valve is made up of thin, wax-coated paper, the diaphragm may stretch more than usual (especially after several washes). If you see that this has happened in your mask, the “repair” process takes two minutes. The video attached below walks you through this process.

Do keep in mind the principles of mask washing. Be gentle, as any damage in this area, may interfere with the valve’s proper functioning.

LSP Life shall not replace or exchange the malfunctioning valve since this is a delicate part of the mask and improper use may result in malfunctioning of the valve. Thank you for your understanding.

Video: How to adjust the membrane

How do I clean my protective mask? How often should I clean it?

Cleaning our Fine Guard mask is easy! Remember that it is a personal protective device and certain elements, specifically the valve, may be vulnerable to damage under water. Start by using only cold water and a bit of hand soap – NO DETERGENTS OR BLEACH. Leave the mask to soak in the soapy water - do not rub the mask material against itself, as this may damage the valve. Soak for about 30 minutes. After soaking, DO NOT WRING the mask out and simply allow it air dry.

Pay special attention to the valve, as the valve may slip out of place if the fabric gets wet. Handle the fabric gently when it is wet.



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