Clinically proven neutralization of CORONAVIRUS !


Reusable face mask with clinically proven effectiveness in killing coronavirus!

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In the face of a global pandemic

keeping yourself and those around you safe is a key priority for every individual, every family and society as a whole. Social responsibility means we are expected to protect one another. Fine Guard protective masks, thanks to Livinguard’s unique technology, will ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Safe when travelling

Feel safe on your way to work, on a business trip, or on holiday. Public transport will be safe in a Fine Guard mask.

Safe when working with customers

Don’t worry if you serve customers on a daily basis and are not sure if they are healthy or not. With Fine Guard Comfort you can focus on your customers without worrying about your safety.

Safe in the gym

You miss exercise, but you worry that the gym is an enclosed environment. We’ve made sure that you can exercise freely in Fine Guard Comfort.

Safe in the city

You pass dozens of passers-by on your way to work, shopping, or a meeting. You can protect yourself with one of two masks. Both will ensure your safety and comfort.

Safe on a walk

You like walking, cycling, or rollerblading, but you’re not the only one who has missed these activities. You see many people outside enjoying the fresh air. If you want to feel safe, use Fine Guard masks.

Safe in cafes and restaurants

You can go for a delicious coffee in your favorite café. Just remember to be safe and to minimize the risk of infection.

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